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Propagation Addiction

All things houseplants, plant care and propagation for a happier, healthier home. And a happier, healthier you.

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avocado propagating in glass of water

Avocado Propagation

I apologise in advance – you’ll never again be able to enjoy a perfectly ripe avocado… without the urge to grow a new baby plant from the pit. Avocados are fun and so easy to propagate with my step by step illustrated guide.


Pothos varieties Goldon pothos Neon pothos Marbled Queen

The ‘Beginner’ Houseplant

Known for it’s forgiving nature, low maintenance and ease to propagate, the Pothos plant earns its reputation as a beginner plant for wonnabe plant parents. Find out more about this beautiful vining plant – varieties, propagating and more.

Living room indoor plants gone wild design

Apartment Living

Creating an urban jungle in a small apartment. Make the most of the space you have available to green your home using hangers, shelves and different pots to organise your plant babies. 

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Alocasia zebrina family zebra plant

“Growing and propagating plants provides so much joy and sense of accomplishment. 

Providing others the inspiration, information and tools to try it for themselves is the driving force behind Propagation Addiction. Give it a go!”

Karina Mayo

Monstera Deliciosa in wicker basket